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Secrets To Greatness

Welcome to Monday Motivation. Today, we will be talking about Secrets to greatness. I will be sharing with you what true Greatness is; what are the ingredients you need to build into your lives to be truly great; The Power you need to live a great life. I will be sharing three secrets that I have learnt along the way and I have seen it work in the lives of so many great men especially in the bible.

First Secret:

Choose the right standard of greatness

If you are going to live a great life, it begins with choosing the right standard of greatness; because in our everyday lives, we see people that we actually that they are living great. The question is: Are they REALLY living great?The bible revealed a lot about what it takes tone great. The first thing you need to know is that Jesus standard of greatness is quite different from the way the world perceives greatness. Jesus said in Matt. 22:11,

The greatest among you must be a servant.

This means you must be a SERVANT before you can lead or be great.

This indicates that Greatness comes from the place of service. Are you serving others out of a Holy heart? Or you just doing it because it’s a sole responsibility? God does not measure greatness outwardly. He is not interested neither does he measure by your accomplishments.

Greatness is measured by the content of your heart.

This means God looks on to the person’s thoughts and intentions.

David and Saul were both destined for greatness even though David was neglected by the family. God sees the intentions of Saul and ended as someone who didn’t measure up. David accomplished every bit as much as Saul. He was blessed with so many gifts and skills like King, Shepard, Poet, and a General. But he didn’t let all these get into head. What David used to please God is his heart. Are you a person after God’s own heart? Do you want to be? What’s your goal in life.?

Greatness begins by focusing on the heart. That’s the first key to greatness. You need to choose the right standard.

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