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You Can Walk in Favor

There is no limitation to the length God can go for you.

There is no barrier to how far you can go in life.

You are only limited by your thoughts, action and hope.

There is no bridge that’s too high to cross, there us no valley too low. The circumstance surrounding your situation is what you need to control. Now let’s get practical…

What is Favor?

Favor is:

  1. A deed in which help is voluntarily provided.
  2. Goodwill; benevolent regard.
  3. A small gift; a party favor.

A deed done in little or no stressful means can not be over emphasized.

You cannot underrate a favor. It is also paramount that you cannot be ungrateful to any favor, no matter how little.

Take a deep look at what you are receiving from anywhere around you. Do you think that it is deserved?

It is essential to know that a man receive nothing except it comes from God, Most High. Hence, everything was given by favor.

You earn it because you deserve it makes a lot of us UNGRATEFUL!

So How Can We Walk in Favor?

It’s simply by following God’s instruction and Doing His Will.

Categorising favor can be a waste of time. Simply put, do the right thing and favor will follow you everywhere you go. Sow the right seed, walk the right path then, wait and see God at work in your life.

Last week…

We discussed Self Improvement and promised to continue this week…

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Well, Here We Go!

Vocational Improvement…

I have also realised that most people relent on the little knowledge they know of about a particular thing. It is essential that you grow. If you have a skill, grow in it. Learn new ways of implementing your projects, innovating new styles to your collections, try out new designs etc. There is so much that can be done.

Flow with the trend in your field of endeavor.

3. Spiritual improvement

… To be Continued


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