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Your Network

I know just what you are thinking right now. NETWORK.

The above word is not related to ICT or it’s application alone. Literary, it is a noun as well as it functions as a verb likewise. Let’s look at it.


Verb (networks, networking; past and past participle networked)

(intransitive) To interact socially for the purpose of getting connections or personal advancement.
I would want you to look at the part indicating Verb. A verb is an action word or a doing word as I have always learnt from primary school. So networking is a word you have to act upon.

Hence, our focus should be on the definition below

(intransitive) To interact socially for the purpose of getting connections or personal advancement.

I want you to know that:

Your network determines your net worth.

You cannot succeed in any business if you do not have the right connections. People are your tradesmen. Your product or services would receive no purchase without the availability of people buying into your product or services. Therefore, you have cherish your network.

It’s a chain reaction, you network with one person and that person will link you to another and then it goes on and on. Do not be limited by the character of a customer, rather let the end bargain be for your profit. Remember, network is done for getting connections and personal advancement. It is paramount to unlink effects of a failed business from any business relationship. Because it failed in one doesn’t mean it won’t succeed in the next.

Watch out for network that can ruin your business as well. Some networking can negatively influence a business. Be careful of cankerworms.

Anywhere you go, ensure you connect with somebody worthwhile. Meet one person at least and make it count. Be open minded and never let yourself be used either.

Remember: your network is your net worth


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