Netflix Portrays Our Lord Jesus Christ as A Gay Jesus in a Movie

it is really heat broken and disrespectful for anyone not even man created in God’s image and likeness has the authority to ridicule our own Jesus Christ this way during this holiday season.

i will start off by introducing how blind this world has become towards the acceptance of same sex getting married to each other and acting as if its a normal way of life. over the years a lot of movies has emerged some portraying demons as good angels for example Lucifer if you are familiar with that movie u will understand what i am saying.

the body of Christ is not just an ordinary thing unbelievers uses to ridicule the children of Christ. Netflix uploaded a movie titled “Gay Jesus” featuring our dear Jesus Christ as a gay man even though freedom of expression is a fundamental and constitutional right, but using the same means to offend what other people believes in is offensive and an abomination to mankind. the movie has gone viral and a lot of people condemned the act and asked Netflix to take down the movie and a lot of people has gone as far as deleting Netflix from their mobile devices.

watch video below.



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