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Monday Motivation: Habits of Original Thinkers

Published by on February 9th, 2020.

Thinkers are people with extraordinary ability to establish a feasible solution out of imaginations, facts and realistic objects around them. They conjure two or three objects to meet a need and Tada! It becomes a reality.

E.M Foster wrote:

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

It is unlawful to stick to the norm. We are all created to do extraordinary things in our own capacity.

The identified challenge is that

Habits grown and developed over time hinders our ability to do extraordinary things.

Take an instance, someone who wakes up every morning and the first thing he/she thinks of is how to make his/her boss happy. How to be proactive at work. How to add value to the company they work in or perhaps strategies or develop new ways to tackle a major challenge. Such person would be different in productivity from someone who wakes up to think of the next person to dupe, cheat perhaps hustle for a leak.

Habits help our rate of success and productivity.

An alcoholic will always think of how to establish a bar.

A gamer will always think of how to program a game or sync a game shop.

A person who loves to eat chocolate would one day think of opening a chocolate factory.

It’s all in the choices we make.

In this era we live now, i would encourage you to develop the habit of seeking solution to the problem of a particular person, community or nation. With that, you become a thinker and indispensable.

Thinkers are successful people and they always live a LEGACY.

what LEGACY are you living?

Hence, in your character, try indulging these 8 habits.


  1. They are more concerned about getting it righy thab being right. They put aside their egos aside to recognise that they are needed to meet a need. Thinkers know the importance of asking questions.
  2. They avoid jumping to conclusions and rushing to judgement. God help women in this aspect sha.
  3. They do not accept information as face value. They ask questions about thw information they receive. They need to verify the quality of the information they have received.
  4. They avoid over-analysis that leads ti paralysis in decision-making.
  5. They are continuous learners.
  6. They are always willing to try new options.
  7. They criticise thenselves even before others do.
  8. They have a distinctive behavioral style. They do not act like everybody. They are confident but not arrogany.

Are you an Original Thinker?

Original thinker drives creativity and changes. They do not conform to the norm. They stand out and SPEAK up. Martin Luther King Jnr is a perfect example.

So when you exhibit characters like:


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