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Monday Motivation: How To Be A Confident Leader In Uncertain Situations

Published by on May 3rd, 2020.

How To Be A Confident Leader In Uncertain Situations
I often get asked one common question by the juniors at work ndash; How can I become a confident leader in uncertain situations?

According to my experience, there are many factors and ingredients to maintain your leadership skills and confidence even during the most challenging situations at work or life:

  1. Agility
  2. Patience
  3. Poise
  4. Inner Strength
  5. Peace of Mind

These are the qualities displayed by true leaders, even during the most challenging times of life. Whether its your workplace, college, home or anywhere else, maintaining a balance of these qualities may be your best pick to stay confident and show yourself as a true leader.

However, mastering them may be quite a challenge in itself, as I also lose my confidence sometimes, but I make sure to take care of practising the top rules of being confident as a leader at the workplace.

1. Maintain a high esteem :

The first thing youd want to do to stay confident and maintain your moral during rough times is having high esteem. This means you must love and respect yourself.

If you have respect for yourself, then you will always perform and behave better than if you did not.

For example, if there are two people and one of them isnt bothered about self-esteem and just concerned about cajoling others, the person with self-esteem will prove to be a better leader.

Of course, the person cajoling may get a better opportunity, but thats not going to last too long.

Self-esteem is the key to handling yourself when life spills beans.

2. Practice leadership :

Everything in life needs practice. Whether its a sport or the leadership itself.

We all need to keep practising it.

This will not just help polish your leadership skills, it will help you stay prepared with creative methods to deal with difficult situations.

3. Take Risks – Intelligent ones:

The goal here is to be better at analyzing and aasessing risk. The more risk you take, the better you prepare yourself with avoiding uncertain situations.

When you know how to take risk smartly, you will become better at maintaining your self-confidence in almost any kind of situation in life.

4. Admits Your Faults:

A great leader isn’t just who is always right, but the one who is open to asmit his faults as well. This is another part of being confident and courageous as you show that you are strong enough to admit your faults and do something better to deal with the situation.

Even when you are taking any decision, be open to access and admit what wrong may have happened.

There have been various leaders who failed just because of their inability to admit their faults.

To be continued Next Monday


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