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Monday Motivation: How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.

Published by on May 24th, 2020.

No matter who you are or where you live, all of us have dreams. These dreams can be as small as coming home and sleeping on a mickey mouse bed to becoming the president of your country.

The best thing about a dream is that it doesnt cost you anything. This is why people a lot of people dream about a lot of things but never do anything about it.

This gives rise to frustration and regrets, even unconsciously in many people. Nothing good comes out of it, so instead of just dreaming about it.

You need to do something about it, and here are eight ways to turn your dreams into reality.

  1. Visualize Your Dreams :

Everyone of us dream about our future, but we do so with our eyes shut. We need to visualize them with our open dreams and see how beautiful it would be if it comes true.

This would be a big motivation booster as you are partially living your dream of being an astronaut or an actor. So, the first step of your journey is to visualize your dreams with open eyes.

  1. Plan Your Journey To The End :

Now that we know where we want to end up. The next step is to plot a direction towards it.

For example, you could have a billion-dollar company idea, but if you dont have the business plan to execute it. Then the idea is worth zero dollars.

Similarly, your dream is worthless if you dont have a path to achieve it. So, search the internet and talk to people who took similar paths to understand the difficulties you would probably face.

  1. Begin Working As Soon As Possible:

The next thing to begin working towards your dreams. Every journey begins with a single step, so will your be.

Neglect the backlash that you’d get from friends. They can say all they want. Do not let it limit you, they can only see as far as their eyes can… remember, they are not the ones who had the dream. Except, God shows it to them that they are destiny helpers. Just as the Chaldeans could not tell the King his dream but they are willing to interpret it to him.

So except the Lord shows you your Joseph, let no one dictates how your dream should play out. Moreover, head work never goes in vain, so why think twice before working.

  1. Endeavors To Make Sacrifice:

If you listen to every successful person, there is a pattern of sacrifice that was laid down. Most successful sacrifices are not small ones, they are skin-deep pledges. They can be huge and painful like staying away from family, saving money for training etc. A guiding principle surrounds sacrifice, the bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the reward.

  1. Be Sincere And Dedicated To Your Work:

When you will begin to work towards your dream, you will face a lot hurdles in your path. Many people uses this hurdle to relax and get reluctant.

This Is the time you are expected to hit hard, that period when the willingness begins to grow thin. Strike harder, the harder you hit a brick wall, the easier it is to breakthrough.

  1. Stay Away From Distractions:

Stay away from negative energy. Stay off whatever will destroy your path to fulfilling your dreams. For some people, it is addiction to sex, alcohol, smoking, lukewarnness, slothfulness, unfaitfulness, loitering. Find signs like these when you start feeling them, fleee as much as you can.

  1. Surround Yourself With Winners:

Hang around people who are succeeding in their field of endeavors as this can rub on you as well. Been around them can inspire you to be more. To do more. To explore more.

Their zeal and energy will gloe through you and help you achieve all that you couldn’t previously achieve.

  1. Talk To Your Family and Friends:

In achieving your dreams, you cannot isolate yourself, you will need emotional support.

The best people to provide this at a time like this are family, friends and loved ones.

Simply prepare your mind for greatness when you follow your dreams.

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