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    Dear Ladies, Never Forget To Have Plan B

    Published by on July 11th, 2020.

    No woman should get married without a job, skill, experience, business idea, certificate or knowledge of what she can do to bring in additional money.
    Men think on a straight line (Linear form of thinking). When a man thinks sometimes, he doesn’t think to the right or left, he thinks about where he is going, give it full attention, pursue with vigour, achieve success and thinks that is the way life is and will continue to be until he wakes up one day and realizes there is global economic lock down!
    A lot of men have lost their jobs and businesses in recent times. If the wife had always depended on her husband for everything, oh my God, it won’t be funny!
    Have a plan B! That is why you married him. To support should in case!
    I am not saying you should be expecting financial disaster. Of course, we should all have faith and strongly believe all will always be well. After all, The Bible says “the just shall live by faith” but “faith without work is dead” start working now and prepare for financial rest.
    Before you marry, have a source of income! You and your partner should discuss how he wants you to support financially in marriage.
    Be frugal and ensure you have savings. Any woman who has no savings is not a virtuous woman.
    Don’t be a waster! Some ladies will waste all their money and hunt the poor fiance/husband for more money to waste!
    Save to invest in business.
    Save for emergencies.
    Save as a back up plan.
    Save for the future.
    Save for the dry season.
    There are some men who labour hard to provide for the family and when he lost his job, he hits the floor and dies of hunger!
    The wife is completely handicapped and financially paralyzed to help, this should not be so!
    There should never be a dry season in your marriage! Support that man during his financial dry season till he bounces on his feet. He will forever honour and cherish you.
    No man cares about your wig if there is no brain underneath!
    Instead of investing in costly Italian wig invest in your future.
    When there is something in your brain we don’t care if you are bald or hairy! We want to learn from you and your husband will be proud of you.
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